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Biographical Sources at UCBA

The following resources will assist you in locating information about specific people. Locate information regarding their family history, education, career and accomplishments.

Using This Guide

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Use this guide to locate articles, books, media and more about specific individuals such as: family history, education, career and accomplishments. Information on this guide is organized by page:

  • General Sources: Use this page to find biographies from a wide variety of sources and subjects.
  • Biographies by Profession: These resources highlight individuals from specific careers (e.g. scientists, nurses, athletes)
  • Biographies by Race/Ethnicity: Browse or search biographies from specific racial/ethnic groups. 
  • Biographies of Women: Information about notable women in a variety of fields.
  • Cincinnati and Ohio Biographies: Information about notable Ohioans.

For easier searching, it will be helpful to have this information handy:

  • Full name with correct spelling
  • Occupation/Career
  • Date of birth/death
  • Nationality

Biographical Databases

Search for Books

When searching for books about a person:

  • Choose "Subject" from the drop-down box below.
  • Enter the name of the person (last name, first name) in the search box. The search will work with or without capitalization.

Biography Websites


Find interviews, media snippets and related audio-visual materials.

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