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EndNote & RefWorks -- Citation and Reference Management Tools

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Links to Citation & Reference Management Comparison Tables

Some of the following links contain some local institutional information.  However, most of the information provided is generic and will help you compare the features and functionality of EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, Papers and other Reference & Citation Management tools/services. 

Citation & Writing Guide: Citation Management Systems (2016). Retrieved December 17, 2019 from

This site provides a short tabular comparison of EndNote desktop, EndNote Web, Mendeley, Zotero and RefWorks.  Unfortunately, the site fails to identify the version dates or numbers.


Citation management tools: Overview. (2019). Retrieved December 17, 2019 from .

This site provides a brief tabular comparison of the following personal bibliographic management systems: RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero  and Mendeley.  Unfortunately, the site fails to identify the version dates or numbers.


Compare EndNote versions (2018).  Retrieved June 18, 2018 from .   

Find out what's new in EndNote X9 and compare EndNote versions X4 -- X8.


Citation managers (2015) - UW Madison Libraries. Retrieved June18, 2018 from .  

This site compares EndNote (desktop version), EndNote Online, Mendeley and Zotero (the Firefox based PBM).


Citation Management and Writing Tools: Citation Management Tools (2017).  Retrieved June 18, 2018 from .

This site provides a tabular comparison of  EndNote, Zotero  and Mendeley.  Unfortunately, the site fails to identify the version dates or numbers.


How to Choose EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley. (2018).   Retrieved June 26, 2018, from 

This site provides two useful comparitive tables.  The first is kind of a "when to select which reference manager."  The second table provides a comparison for 17 different features/functionalities. 


Manage citations with Zotero, Mendeley & EndNote. (2018). Retrieved June 18, 2018 from .

This site does not provide a table for side-by-side comparisons of these products.  Instead, the site provides overviews of each product.  Unfortunately, the site fails to identify the date or version number of the products, though the site appears to have been recently updated.  Additionally, this site includes two well done videos comparing  Zotero and Mendeley.


Research management and citation. (2016). Retrieved June 18, 2018 from .

This site provides a comparison table including the following personal bibliographic management tools: Evernote (open source), Mendeley, Zotero (the Firefox based PBM), EndNoteWeb and RefWorks.


What reference manager to choose? (2018).   Retrieved June 26, from

This site provides a relatively current and useful comparison of Zotero and Medeley.  It includes EndNote Online [Basic], but not the EndNote desktop product--a far superior tool to EndNote Online.  However, the site's comparitive information about Zotero and Mendeley is illustrative, providing comparitive notes on known issues, ease of use, accuracy and loading documents.  The site also provides a "Best to use when" table and a  comparison table.  Overall -- this is a useful site to capture a comparative insight aoout Zotero and Mendeley.


Whitaker, E. (2019). UCSF Guides: EndNote, RefWorks and Other Reference Managers.   Retrieved July 15, from

This site provides information for 5 different citation & reference management tools: EndNote, RefWorks, F1000 Workspace, Zotero and Mendeley.  Additionally, this site provides a brief comparison table for EndNote and RefWorks and individual website pages for all 5 tools, including a pros and cons list for each.  NOTE: currently UCSF is NOT recommending Mendeley because of new encryption problems.


Wikipedia contributors.Comparison of reference management software. (2018).  Retrieved June 18, 2018 from

This site provide extensive tabular comparisons of over 30 reference management systems.


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