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Figures & Tables


  • In order to include figures, the graphicx package needs to be imported. It can be done by the following command


  • LaTeX supports the following image formats, .png, .jpg and .eps
  • To include a figure in your file, the following is needed
    • figure environment
    • \includegraphics{image_name} command
    • Note: Extension of the image is not necessary and the image should be saved in the same folder as the .tex file.
  • The syntax is as follows





  •  options: The following options can be used to customize the figure object,
    • width = x    - To change the width of the image to x
    • height = x   - To change the height of the image to x
    • scale = x     - To scale the image by x factor (both height and width will be scaled)
    • angle = x    - To rotate the image by x degrees
    • trim = l b r t, clip = true|false    - To trim the image by a desired factor ( l: left, b: bottom, r: right, t: top), clip has to be made equal to true for trim to work
  • caption: To add a caption to the image



  • To include a table in your file, the tabular environment is needed. The syntax is as follows,

\begin{tabular} {l c r}

1 & 2 & 3 \

4 & 5 & 6 \


This command generates the following table

1    2    3

4    5    6

  • The {} following the tabular environment define the number of columns and their orientation in the table. For example,

{l c r} creates 3 columns, left aligned, centrally aligned and right aligned respectively.

  • To add more columns, \begin{tabular} {l c r c r l...} command can be used.
  • To separate the columns by lines, the following can be done,
    • \begin{tabular} {l || c || r} for double lines
    • \begin{tabular} {l |c | r} for single lines.

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