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Using SUMMON is the most effective way to search for articles and books. SUMMON searches for books and articles about business research topics.

To learn effective ways to search SUMMON, check out the SUMMON Guide.


Search Examples:

Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets
How do companies communicate value in business markets?  What are the resources and processes a company must have in place to use the “resonating focus”?  What challenges do you expect and how would you overcome them?

SUMMON Search Statement: (Compan* AND “communicate value”) OR “resonating focus”


Reinvent Your Business Model
How do companies go about re-inventing their business models? Why is this necessary?  What are the typical challenges faced by a company wishing to re-invent its business model?  How would you overcome these challenges?

SUMMON Search Statement: Reinvent* AND "business model"


Blue Ocean Strategy

Explain the principles for creating a temporary monopoly.  Show some typical examples of successful blue ocean strategies.  What are organizational obstacles encountered in creating a blue ocean strategy? How do companies address them?

SUMMONS Search Statement: ("Blue Ocean Strategy" OR "Temporary Monopoly") AND success*


Know a Winning Business Idea When You See One
Explain the use of the value matrix.  How would you adapt the matrix for use in 2-3 specific industries? What is the connection between the value matrix and competitive advantage?

SUMMON Search Statement: winning AND “business idea" AND (identify OR uncover OR discover)

SUMMON Search Statement: “value matrix” AND “competitive advantage”

SUMMON Search Statement:  "value matrix competitive advantage"~20


Strategy & Society: The link between competitiveadvantage and corporate social responsibility
How is CSR linked with competitive advantage? Illustrate with specific examples of companies that believe in doing well (competitively) by doing what is right from society’s perspective.  How is this different from engaging in philanthropic activity?

SUMMON Search Statement: "corporate social responsibility OR CSR" AND "competitive advantage"

SUMMON Search Statement: "corporate social responsibility competitive advantage"~20

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