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This guide will provide a place to begin in setting up a journal using Public Knowledge Project's Open Journal System (OJS), hosted by the University of Cincinnati Libraries.

First Steps

Planning Guide and List for Open Journal System: This list has been developed to assist you in determining what information you will need to begin an online journal using this platform.

1) Preview the OJS tutorial, Introduction to OJS through PKP.

2) Consider your customization and functionality needs. An OJS website and journal management system has limited customization options available for non-technical users. 

3) To Upload and Publish an Article when you want to skip the review process -

      (To submit an article on behalf of someone else or to backload articles for immediat publication, without review, you can assign yourself the three roles of          Author, Editor and Section Editor)

      AS AUTHOR:

      a) Submit the article. List the real author(s) in the submission process, not yourself.

      AS EDITOR:

      (Note that for each manuscript, there are four sets of information about that manuscript: The Summary, Review, Editing, and History.)

      a) Assign Section Editor - On the summary page for the manuscript, assign a Section Editor, here yourself. Until you assign a Section Editor, the Editor     Decision is grayed out.

      b) Accept the submission - Once the Dditor Decision area is active, choose Accept Submission. Click on the Record Decision button.

      c) Send to copyediting - Click the Send to Copyediting button.

      d) Upload final viewable manuscript - On the Editing page of the manuscript you are working on, you must click the GALLEY FORMAT option button.          Browse your computer for the file that you want to upload. Upload the final file as the GALLEY FORMAT file. Even if you uploaded that file initially for       review, the review version is kept separat in the OJS database from the GALLEY FORMAT version, the final version that your readers will see on the       website.

      e) At this point, you should be able to send to Scheduling as an Editor, the step that allows you to assign the article to an issue. The article you uploaded       will appear as a PDF link to the right of the article, but only if the Issue has been been marked as Published. If the issue has not yet been published, but is       ready, got to Editor Home, then to Issues and choose Future Issue ready to make public, then click on Publish Issue at the bottom of the issue screen.

      Deleting an Article -

       a) if you want to delete an article, locate the article that you want to delete and go to the Edit screen for that particular article. You mus t move it to a              special archived state in order to delete it.

       b) Locate Scheduling at the bottom of your screen. Make scheduling be To Be Assigned, then click Save. Click on the word Summary just above the              article title. Find the word Status in the middle of the page. Click the words to the right - Archive Submission.

       c) Next, go to Editor and to the Archive below it. There you will see the number of the manuscript you want to delete with the word Delete to the right of          it. Click the word Delete and the article will be removed from the system.

  4) Consult Developing Open Access Journals: A practical guide by David Solomon, 2008.

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