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ENED1020: Engineering Foundations Research Guide

The research guide for the ENED1020 final group project

Challenge 4: Reverse-Engineer the Brain




Vincent Walsh. 2000. Reverse engineering the human brain. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 358 (1766): 497-511.

Additional Readings

The references below are provided by the National Academy of Engineering. See whether you can find them in the library either in the digital or the print format.

Berger, T.W., et al. Restoring Lost Cognitive Function,” IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine (September/October 2005), pp. 30-44.

Griffith, A. 2007.  Chipping In,” Scientific American (February 2007), pp. 18-20.

Handelman, S. The Memory Hacker,” Popular Science (2007).

Hapgood,  F. Reverse-Engineering the Brain,” MIT News Magazine (July 1, 2006).

Lebedev, M.A. and Miguel A.L. Nicolelis. Brain-machine interfaces: Past, present, and future,” Trends in Neurosciences 29 (September 2006), pp. 536-546.

Search on Your Own

Use the following library tools to find sources above and additional articles.

Review research videos again.

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