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Introduction to MATLAB and MATLAB Scripting



Matlab is an abbreviation of matrix laboratory. Matlab is a high performance language of technical computing. It is a product of MathWorks. MathWorks was founded by Cleve Moler, Jack Little and Steve Bangert in 1984. Matlab was originally enhanced by control design engineers. It quickly spread to signal processing and image processing areas. Now it is extensively used in education in teaching linear algebra and numerical techniques.

  • Matlab Editor
    • This is also known as M-File or Matlab Script file
    • This is used to write a sequence of Matlab commands which is collectively used to perform a desired task
  • Command Window
    • Command window will appear immediately after MATLAB is launched
    • Any code can be entered one at a time and can be executed using the Command Window


Matlab is a licensed software. Please contact Office of College Computing regarding the usage of Matlab software licensing.

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