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Your CECH Library guide to STEAM-themed kits for kid-friendly instruction in coding, circuits, robotics, technology, and more.

Dash & Dot [Robot]

Dash, a blue robot with wheels to move around on, and dot, a blue robot that doesn't move, and an orange USB cableThe Dash and Dot boxes that are in the Ekit, plus a USB cable

Level: K-12
Requires app

Tags: coding, puzzles, robotics

LeapPad [Game]

The LeapPad, pictured with a cartridge for the Bubble Guppies game

Level: PK-4

Tags: games, problem solving

Osmo Coding [Game]

Osmo Code picture of iPad set up to play. On the screen is the game where students move the character using coding tiles that come with the game. The coding tiles are laid out in front of the iPad so that the reflector connected to the iPad camera connected to the iPad will see them. The tiles give coding commands for "go" and "forward three spaces"What comes in the Osmo Coding box: a base for the iPad and coding tiles. Coding tiles are a caution tile, a hop tile, two wave tiles, a turn around tile, 4 running tiles, number tiles for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and a go tile

Level: K-7
Requires iPad

Tags: coding, games, osmo, problem solving

Osmo Masterpiece [Art Set]

Osmo Masterpiece in progress. An iPad is set up on the table and a flower is projected on the iPad screen. The iPad screen is streaming a video of the whiteboard placed in front of the iPad. Part of the flower has been drawn on the whiteboard Osmo Masterpiece set up. An iPad is on a table and in the Osmo base. It shows the outline of a flower projected onto its image of the whiteboard below. The Masterpiece whiteboard is set up on the table directly in front of the ipad and someone is drawing the outline of the flower by watching the screen as they draw. What comes with Osmo Masterpiece: a blue marker bag, an eraser fabric, six whiteboard markers, and the Masterpiece whiteboard

Level: K-7
Requires iPad

Tags: art, creative, osmo, shapes

Osmo Tangrams [Game}

An iPad and tangram tiles set up to play the Osmo Tangram game. The iPad screen has a black geometric image of a sitting cat and the tangrams are set up to build the shape on the screen. A check mark is on the screen because the shape was built correctly with the tangram tilesWhat comes in the Osmo Tangram kit: an Osmo base for an iPad, a large blue triangle tangram, a large red triangle tangram, a medium green triangle tangram, a small blue and a small purple triangle tangram, a yellow square tangram, and an orange rhombus tangram

Level: K-7
Requires iPad

Tags: art, games, geometry, puzzles, shapes

Osmo Words [Game]

An iPad and word tiles set up to play the Osmo Words game. On the iPad screen is a dragon and the word dragon is spelled out on letter tiles belowWhat comes with the Osmo Words eKit: an iPad base and 45 letter tiles

Level: K-7
Requires iPad

Tags: english, games, osmo, puzzles, vocab

Scratch Coding Cards [Flash Cards]

The scratch coding cards box

Level: K-12
Requires desktop or app

Tags: coding, computer science, games, problem solving

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