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CECH Diversity Research Day

Your CECH Library guide to the annual CECH Diversity Research Day.

Conference Grid for Oral Presentations

Breakout Room #1 Breakout Room #2 Breakout Room #3 Breakout Room #4 Breakout Room #5
SESSION  START SESSION END Theme: Mental Health Theme: Health Theme: Education/Teaching Theme: Criminal Justice + Social Change Theme: Social Connection
11:35am 11:55am Impacts of Binge Drinking and Seatbelt Use on the Mental Health of Hispanic Adults Examination of Physical Pain with School Engagement and Prosocial Behavior Participation among U.S. Adolescents It's the Story: Using Autoethnography to Measure "Success" in the Classroom Impact of Victimization on the Development of Morally Disengaged Attitudes in Youth Offenders  The Association Between Mental Health Indices, Social Support, and Health Seeking Behaviors Among Latinx Adults
12:00pm 12:20pm Immigrant Status as a Predictor of COVID Risk Factors Among Latinx Adults: Lack of Social Distancing at Work, Level of Anxiety or Depression, and COVID Positivity Highlighting Responsible & Healthy Health Behaviors among Sexually Active African American Adolescents Social Justice in Education: The Role of the Teacher  Workplace Gender Harassment: An Examination of Self-Perceived Attractiveness, Self-esteem, and Self-Doubt Lightweight Framework for Cyberbullying Image Detection on Social Media Platforms​  ​
12:20pm 12:40pm Association Between Adverse Childhood Events and Mental Distress in Adulthood Among Hispanic and Latinx Individuals Addressing Increased Overdoses Among the African American Community from an Ecological Perspective Eat and Exercise to Win Program for Young Adults with Austism Spectrum Disorder *Same Presenter The Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Variability in Experiencing Prison Strains  Social Support on the Digital Campus: Black Women's Experiences
12:40pm  1:00pm Stigma of Mental Health for Black Americans: Understanding and Intervention from Ecological Counseling Perspective Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Engagement in School and Participation in Organized Activities among U.S. School-aged Children Understanding Sexual Health Amongst South-Asian International Students at University of Cincinnati College Program for Academic Success: Experiences and Roadblocks of CPAS Students Can Religiosity Control Deviant Behavior?  An Assessment of the Relationship Between Religious Beliefs and Deviant Behavior Across White, Black, and Hispanic Youth

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