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Install ChemDraw to your computer

You can download Chemdraw to your computer (or re-activate your current license) using the Quick Start Activation Guide below.

Download ChemDraw Quick Start Activation Guide:

Note: You must use your University of Cincinnati email address during the registration process.

Off-Campus Access: Use off-site proxy or VPN (see box to the left).

What is Chemdraw?

Chemdraw is scientifically intelligent drawings tool developed in 1985 by David A. Evans and Stewart Rubenstein and PerkinElmer got its rights in the year 2011. ChemDraw Ultra is a downloadable application for drawing chemical structures for use in database queries, the preparation of graphics for lab reports and journal articles, providing electronic descriptions of molecules and reactions, and features advanced prediction tools. 

Special Features:

  • Chemists able to save time and reduce costs by identifying compounds that are likely to have the desired properties before actually synthesizing them.
  • Chemists can also save time and increase data accuracy using ChemDraw to generate spectra, construct correct IUPAC names, and calculate reaction stoichiometry.
  • A powerful set of tools to handle substructural query types (such as R groups, atom/bond/ring types, and generic atoms) ensures that compounds are quickly and accurately located by searches, no matter how they are stored in commercial, public or in-house databases.
  •  Available for both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.
  • A simplified, touch optimized version for the iPad was released in late 2013.

Advanced Drawing Tricks

Contact Information

Contact PerkinElmer customer service.

Toll free: 1 800 315-7300

Local & International: 1-781-663-8011


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