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What is Mathematica?

Mathematica is a software system and computer language for use in mathematical applications and also ideal for communicating scientific ideas. The three classes of Mathematica computations are: numerical, symbolic, and graphical.

At the core of Mathematica, it is a very powerful symbolic language. It was conceived by Stephen Wolfram and is developed by Wolfram Research of Champaign, Illinois. Thus Wolfram Language is the programming language used in Mathematica. Mathematica is more than a calculations package. It is a symbolic, mathematical tool used by thousands of scientists around the world. Mathematica can do math, Algebra, calculus, differential equations, and many more features round out this remarkable software. 

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Features of Mathematica

Some of the selected features of Mathematica include:

  • Elementary mathematical function library.
  • Special mathematical function library.
  • Linear and non-linear Control systems libraries.
  • Number theory function library.
  • Matrix and data manipulation tools including support for sparse arrays.
  • Group theory and symbolic tensor functions.
  • Tools for visualizing and analyzing directed and undirected graphs.
  • Tools for financial calculations including bonds, aderivatives, options etc.
  • 2D and 3D data, function and geo visualization and animation tools.
  • Numeric and symbolic tools for discrete and continuous calculus.
  • Support for complex number, arbitrary precision, interval arithmetic and symbolic computation.
  • Continuous and discrete integral transforms.

Tutorials to Learn Mathematica

Access the collection of video/tutorials to learn Mathematica as the beginner and then to dive its depth.


Need More Information?

Visit Wolfram website for more information on Mathematica and find the available training and programs.

Click here to access contact information on:

  • Product registration or activation.
  • Pre-sales information and ordering.
  • Help with installation.
  • Advanced technical support.

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