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Install Spartan'14

Latest versions of Spartan'14 Windows and Spartan'14 Macintosh are available to install to your computer.  Follow the information provided on the Chemistry department website. 

  • Off-Campus Access: Use off-site proxy or VPN (see below).

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What is Spartan'14?

Spartan'14 is the latest release of the ultimate desktop application for chemistry research in industry and academia. It maintains compatibility with previously released versions of Spartan software. The strength of the Spartan application for use in both education and research is the well designed and easy-to-use graphical interface. With very little exposure, new users can be up and running calculations in no time at all. A full range of theoretical models is available from the most intuitive user interface in the business.

Also available in a Parallel Suite including the Spartan Molecular Database, the Spartan Spectra and Properties Database, Parallel Processing features and the ability to act as a Computational Server for jobs submitted from other Spartan'14 licenses or from iSpartan on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

In addition to energies, equilibrium and transition-state geometries and frequencies, Spartan'14 provides a number of valuable properties, such as:

  • Atomic Charges
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrical properties
  • Acidity and Basicity
  • Additional Properties: Weight, Area, Volume, Symmetry Group, HOMO and LUMO Energies, Polar Surface Area, LogP, Ovality, Q-Minus, Q-Plus, Electronegativity and Hardness.
  • Spectral Properties: IR Spectra, NMR Calculations, UV/Vis Spectra etc.


Need help?

Find in-build guides for Spartan'14 under the topics of tutorials and Spartan'14 help on the Spartan toolbar.

  • Click here to download  Spartan'14 user's Guide and Tutorials.

Simple tricks to build molecule in Spartan

Setting up calculations in Spartan

Analyzing Spartan Calculations - Part 1

Analyzing Spartan Calculations - Part 2

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