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How to find articles and books using the HSL website

(preferred browser: Mozilla Firefox)

Options for finding resources on the HSL website using the HSL search box:

Search Articles+ option: [click on Articles+ tab]

Summon FAQ

Search Books+ option: [click on Books+ tab]

Is the article full text available?

Articles available in full text are indicated in databases by these icons:

full text icons

If the article is not full text in the database you're searching, it may be available elsewhere. The ArticleLinker icon helps you quickly find out if UC has the article available in full text: Article Linker button. You may see other journal icons too but only the UC Article Linker icon is guaranteed to work.  

For more information read the UC ArticleLinker Help / FAQ.

See also Get articles when not available in full text.


Troubleshooting tips

If you cannot access a database, if you are asked to provide a database user ID or pay for the article, this may indicate that your forgot to login for off-campus access, lost your proxy or your off-campus login session may have expired. Off-campus access troubleshooting tips.

How to find journals and databases using the HSL website

Options for finding resources on the HSL website using the HSL search box:

Search Journals option: [click on Journals tab]

Search Databases option: [click on Databases tab]

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Sometimes your instructor or assignment will require that you find a "scholarly article" or use a "peer-reviewed" journal. In many of our databases, you can  limit your search to scholarly articles by selecting a check-box similar to ones listed below. Look for the following options when you are searching (sometimes they appear on the advanced search page):

In many database you can filter your search results to those from scholalry/academic/peer-reviewed journals - look for this option on your search results page.
PubMed and the OhioLINK EJC (Electronic Journal Center) consist entirely of scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

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