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I am looking for ...

database. I need a database to start my research. Or, I know I want to search CINAHL and I need the link.

point-of-care tool. I need access to Nursing Reference Center Plus or DynaMed.

an e-book. And I want to browse a list by category.

an e-book. And I know the title.

journal. I already have a citation and need to find the full text article.

book. I'm trying to locate a print or e-book on a topic. Or, I have a book title and need to get a copy.

citation management optionsI need software to manage my search results and format citations.

web resources. I need reputable websites on health science topics.

mobile apps. I want to browse a list of recommended apps.


Theorists (linked to biographical information--not primary sources)

How to Find Primary Sources on Nurse Theorist

Videos explaining how to find:

Nursing Theorist Journal Articles:

Nurse Theorist eBooks

A primary source in nursing is one that reports the original findings of a study or experiment. Usually written by the person(s) conducting the research.

Types of primary sources include:

  • Case studies
  • Clinical trials or randomized clinical trials (RCT)
  • Cohort studies
  • Dissertations or theses
  • Qualitative studies
  • Survey research
  • systematic review, meta-analysis, letter to the editor, etc. ARE NOT primary sources.
  • There is not necessarily a straight-forward way as part of the database search to limit or filter to primary sources.
  • Within CINAHL or other EBSCOhost resources-- look in the detailed record within the search results for “research” articles. 
  • use your judgment and read the full text article to determine whether it’s a primary source or not.





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