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Your CECH Library guide to all things SMART Board.

CECH Library SMART Board

The CECH Library SMART Board is located in the MakerLab and open for use anytime a class is not in session. You can check out everything you need to use our SMART Board (keyboard, mouse, markers) at the information desk.

SMART Board Tutorials and Training

SMART Board Hardware

Picture of standard SMART Board set up with labeled parts

In most classrooms, a SMART Board is set up very similarly to the above. The interactive whiteboard is mounted on the wall. The interactive whiteboard is connected to a projector. In the picture above, the interactive whiteboard and projector are one single unit. However, some SMART Boards allow for the connection of a projector already mounted in the ceiling. Both the interactive whiteboard and the projector are then connected to a laptop which can be used to control what is displayed on the whiteboard, similar to the way any projector would work. Unlike a normal projector though, the interactive whiteboard allows you to operate the SMART Board as a touch screen. You can use either your hand or the provided styluses as your operator. In certain settings, you can write on the SMART Board much the way you would write on a whiteboard.

SMART Technology also offers an Interactive Display option to turn an LCD screen into a SMART Board. This option requires no projector and allows the SMART Board to act as the screen for an attached computer. This is the option we have available for student use in the CECH Library Group Study Room. If you would like to use this, stop at the circulation desk on the 4th floor of the CECH Library and ask to use the Group Study Room.

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