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Translation Resources

Selected popular tools

Google Translate

Methodology: Google Translate does not apply grammatical rules, since its algorithms are based on statistical analysis rather than traditional rule-based analysis.

Selected limitations

  • performs better with shorter texts and translations of EU languages into English
  • limits the number of paragraphs and the range of technical terms that can be translated
  • does not translate some words and repeats them verbatim
  • problems with perfect and imperfect tenses in Romance languages
  • does not recognize subjunctive mood

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual statistical machine-translation cloud service provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft Translator API is integrated across multiple consumer, developer, and enterprise products; including Bing, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, Internet Explorer, etc.

Methodology: Microsoft Translator uses statistical machine translation to create instantaneous translations from one natural language to another.

Limitation: accuracy varies, performs best with English to Spanish it was the the single best system and with English–Portuguese.


Methodology: the hybrid technology of translation leverages the strengths of statistical machine translation and rule-based translation methodologies.


  • proprietary software
  • fee-based (free trail available)

Compare them all: imTranslator

"ImTranslator provides the most convenient access to the online translation services powered by various online translators: PROMT-Online, Babylon, Google™ Translate and Microsoft® Translator. The ImTranslator tool includes online translator, dictionary, text-to-speech in a variety of languages, multilingual virtual keyboard, spell checker, Russian decoder, back translation, and email service".

Gives you an idea which online service might work best.

Limitation: free service is limited to 500 characters.

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