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ENGL 0099: Preparatory Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for ENGL 0099 research assignments.

What is Evaluation?

Evaluating your sources helps you decide if the information is trustworthy, high quality, and a good fit for your research assignment. Start by asking yourself some questions to determine how well a source fits your needs: 

  • Given the source requirements (if applicable), what is the best type of source for the research topic? 
  • How will you use this source in your research assignment?
  • What value does this source add to your research assignment?
  • Does the information relate to your research topic?

Evaluating Sources to Find Quality Research Video

The Evaluating Sources to Find Quality Research video introduces the concept of evaluating information. 

  • Watch Evaluating Sources to Find Quality Research video (5:28 minutes)
  • Take notes while watching the video including writing down the questions that are highlighted
  • Use these questions when looking at a potential source to help you determine if the source is a good fit

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