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ENGL 1001: English Composition (UCBA)

This guide supports the research assignments for ENGL 1001.

Evaluate Your Sources

There isn't a checklist that determines if information is credible, trustworthy, or even appropriate for your research. Start with asking questions to determine how well a source fits your needs. Remember that the information needs to be situated in the context of your research question. 

Reminder: Always review the assignment for any source requirements.

  • How will you use this source in your research assignment?
  • What value does this source add to your research assignment?
  • Does the information relate to your research question and/or answer some aspect of it?

Evaluating Sources for Credibility Video

The Evaluating Information Sources video (3:18 minutes) introduces the concept of evaluating information to determine credibility.

  • Watch Evaluating Information Sources video
  • Download Evaluate Source worksheet (Word file link)
  • Complete worksheet once you have found a potential source for your research assignment

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