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ENGL 1001: English Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for ENGL 1001 research assignments.

Moving From Research Topics to Research Questions

Your research area of interest for your assignment may start as a topic then develop into a research question (or other form as determined by your assignment). During this initial phase, remember: 

  • Review your assignment for requirements and guidelines
  • Talk with your professor to determine if the research topic meets the scope and scale of the assignment
  • Make sure you go through the research topic approval process if required by your professor 

Once you have a research question, you'll want to identify key concepts and keywords in your question to help you find sources to support your assignment. These keywords and key concepts help build more efficient searches in Summon, library databases, and Google. And, this means you get more relevant search results. 

Key Concepts & Keywords Video and Worksheet

The Key Concepts & Keywords video introduces the concept of identifying keywords and how the process works using an example research question. Use the worksheet to help work through this process using your research question. 

  • Watch Key Concepts & Keywords video (2:15 minutes)
  • Download Key Concepts & Keywords worksheet (Word file link)
  • Fill out worksheet using your research question 

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