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ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition (UCBA)

This guide supports the research assignments for ENGL 2089.

Scholarly Journal Articles

Remember, scholarly (also called academic) articles are very different from news, magazine, and trade articles. If you're new to scholarly journal articles (or need a refresher), watch the How to Tell if an Article is Scholarly or Academic video (3:18 minutes). 

Note: The Scholarly Article Analysis worksheet (Word file link) provides questions to help you analyze an article and can be used as a stand alone or while you're reading an article.

Reading Scholarly Articles

The Reading Scholarly Articles handout (Word file link) and the Anatomy of an Article: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading video (2:36 minutes) guide you through the structure of a scholarly article.

Note-Taking Resources

There are several different note-taking methods. Some strategies while reading a potential scholarly article include:

  • Print the article and highlight or circle while reading
  • Add notes in the margins of each section of the article
  • Summarize the key/main points of the article

Note: Adobe Reader has helpful features such as highlight text and sticky notes.


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