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Teaching Information Literacy at UCBA

Faculty guide for information literacy content and resources for any UCBA course.

Student Engagement: Online and In Class

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Assigning points to the content may increase student participation and motivation to complete the work
  • Videos allow for an easy way to review content if there is confusion and/or difficulty with a concept 
Contact your library faculty liaison who can provide recommendations on how to best use the content given your specific course needs.


What are the learning outcomes for the content?
Each activity example includes the student learning outcome(s).

When is the best time to use the content?
It aligns best when used to either introduce library research or a research assignment/project. This provides context for students and the opportunity to apply what they learn.

How should I use this content in my course?
It's up to each course instructor and the dynamics of the class. It's designed to be flexible as well as easy to access and use. It can be used asynchronously in an online or in person class. 

Are there examples of how I can scaffold content for my research assignment?
Examples are included with the activities.

How do I provide access for my students?
All of the worksheets and videos can be easily added to Canvas.  

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