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Planning & Urban Studies Research Guide

How to Use SimplyAnalytics

Please note that this is a very basic guide to SimplyAnalytics.  Like many other programs, the best learning is through practice, practice, practice.  There are additional online resources hat provide more information and more in-depth tutorials, should you require them.

  1. First, use the link above to open SimplyAnalytics.  You may create and account or sign in as a guest.
  2. Next, the program will provide you with a quick tour demonstrating how SimplyAnalytics works.  It introduces you to the various data sets, the views, the workspace, as well as other important tools and resources to help you navigate the program.
  3. Commence your project by selecting a location or locations in the "New Project" tab.
  4. Choose the variables you want for your analysis from the three pre-selected variables SimplyAnaltics suggests.
  5. Click on "Create Project" to display your data.  The default display is the map, but you can view your data as a table in a ranked or comparison format, using the tool bar on the far right of the screen.  With this tool bar you can set up your maps and tables, change the colors, re-order the legend, compare values, rank results, and many other commands.
  6. The toolbar at the top gives you control on the kind of data to use as well as what you would like to do with your project as a whole.
  7. The zoom tool on the left gives you the facility to adjust the workspace and display the amount of details and information you want.
  8. On the left of the screen you will find tools to analyze the dataset based on the location and businesses in the area you are working on.
  9. When you are done you have several options to export your project.  For example, you can export your graphics data as PNG or JPEG, or even as a PDF, and your tables in Excel, CVS, or DBF formats.

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