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STEM Education: Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

This guide provides curricular resources for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics related classes. It also provides information and resources on researching STEM education.


Welcome to the CECH Library's "STEM Education" guide.  Purpose of this guide:

  •  Provide UC students and faculty with information for researching STEM education
  •  Provide a selection of helpful and useful curricular resources  for teaching STEM related classes. 

What is STEM?


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A STEM educator is a teacher or other professional who prepares students to seek opportunities that are related to fields of study that involve mathematics, science, technology, and engineering.  Ideally, learning in the STEM disciplines happens through applied learning experience and activities that involve an integration of two or more of these fields. Thus, students may learn both math and science as ways to understand a natural phenomenon like hurricanes or human-made situations like the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. STEM educators concentrate on project-based learning and work toward problem-solving and problem-posing, which can involve knowledge and activities that cross the STEM disciplines.The School of Education at the University of Cincinnati prepares STEM teachers to design, implement, and assess classroom activities that include project and problem-based learning, and involve deep inquiry, critical thinking, and multiple forms of communication and assessment. (from UC CECH STEM Education website)


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