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English Composition 1001

Research made easy.

Evaluating Sources

Never take information at face value or assume a source is a "good" one just because it came from the library.  Instead, think about what the source adds to your understanding of your topic, how it might be used in your paper, and what kind of expertise the author brings to the discussion. 

Answering the following questions of each source will help ensure you are selecting quality and balanced sources.  The ENGL 1001 Library Handout (linked above) can be used for each potential source you are considering using in your paper.


Is the information relevant to my work?

What is the main claim or argument?

What evidence supports that argument?

Is the information up to date?

What expertise does the author have?

How much does the source help me learn?


Who is the intended audience?


How can you use this source in your paper?


Visual Guide: Website Credibility

Go to this guide from EasyBib to see where you can find information for determining the reliability of a website.

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