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English Composition

This guide supports the English Composition research assignments.

Work on Your Recast / Remix / Multimodal Assignment

These resources can be helpful for finding potential sources, learning about Microsoft 365 apps available to students, and reminders about the importance of citing sources and ethical use of sources. Reminder: Read the assignment requirements and talk with your course instructor about the tools you can use to build your recast, remix or multimodal project.

Library Databases:
To access these resources, you'll need to click the UC sign on button and enter your username and password and Duo, if applicable. 

Microsoft Office 365:
Find information about the suite of productivity tools (e.g. PowerPoint) available to UC students. The Microsoft Office web apps can be accessed from the app launcher (waffle menu) in Outlook.

Copyright & Ethical Use of Media:
Media sources (e.g. audio, images, videos) need to be used responsibly and ethically. Some sources include information on how the media can be used and the guidelines for attribution. Make sure to read the usage information for all types of media carefully and follow all guidelines (these can vary so watch for differences). And remember to always cite the sources you use!

UC Libraries Media Databases

Microsoft Office 365 Apps for UC Students

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