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ERISA: Research Guide to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act


This guide provides a general overview of laws pertaining to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, otherwise known as ERISA.

It covers using general sources for background research and how to locate articles, textbooks, treatises, statutory law, administrative materials, agency publications, legislative histories and websites of interest. The guide can be used by students, faculty members, lawyers, and the general public.

Please contact any of our UC Law Librarians if you need assistance in finding or using any of the resources in the guide.

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Food For Thought

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) regulates employee benefits, including retirement and pension plans and health care, disability, accident and death benefits.  Though other federal laws affect employee benefits (e.g., the FMLA and COBRA), ERISA is the most significant federal statute regulating employee benefit plans.

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