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Login & Registration

SciFinder is only available through the Web.  An unlimited number of simultaneous UC users is allowed.  Sessions automatically time out after one hour of inactivity.

(Registered Users)


You will need to complete a first-time user registration form to create your unique personal account. Note: You must use your University of Cincinnati email address during the registration process.

To access SciFinder when not on the UC network, log in for Off-Campus Access (VPN preferred):

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Terms and Restrictions

Restrictions on use:

  • You must be a current faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of the University.
  • You must use SciFinder ONLY for your own academic research.
  • You must not use SciFinder for commercial research or for research that involves patentability searching.
  • You must not share your unique username and password with any other individual.
  • You must not use an automated script for extracting or downloading CAS data, or any other systematic retrieval of data.
  • You may store no more than 5,000 records in electronic form at any one time.

Violation of these terms may result in your University losing SciFinder access.

University of Cincinnati's SciFinder License and the CAS Information Use Policies apply to my use of SciFinder.


Please contact Ted Baldwin (, 513-556-4211) or Edith Starbuck (, 513-558-1433) if you have any questions.

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