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Searching multiple journals

Check out our page on finding articles to learn more about searching across multiple journals. If you wish to search a browse a specific journal in translation studies, stay on this page.

Core Translation Studies Journals

This is a select list of journals in translation studies available online and/or in print at UC Libraries or freely available online.


Designed primarily for translators & interpreters. Also for the nonspecialist concerned with current issues & events in the field of translation.

International journal of translation and interpreting research

Contains articles on research, training and professional practice within the translation and interpreting field.

Online in various databases

inTRAlinea (Freely Available Online)

Features academic articles on the subject of translation - from all potential perspectives in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Journal of Specialized Translation (Freely Available Online)

In today's academic and professional environment, the growth of specialized translation has resulted in the development of a significant area in Translation Studies. JoSTrans aims to create a forum for translators and researchers in specialized translation, to disseminate information, exchange ideas and to provide a dedicated publication outlet for research in specialized, non-literary translation.

Journal of Translation (Freely Available Online)

The Journal of Translation is an academic journal of translation theory and practice with a special interest in Bible translation and in translation involving minority languages and cultures. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship, to enlighten the reader, to stimulate thought and discussion, and to promote appropriate cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication.

Lebende Sprachen

Since its founding in 1956, Lebende Sprachen [Living Languages] has been the leading German journal for foreign languages in research and practice. It contains articles and reviews on language in general and also covers topics on specific languages and cultures, living languages and the life of language.

Machine translation (previously Computers and translation) 

While respecting its historical link with the field of machine translation, this journal has broadened its scope of interest to encompass all branches of computational linguistics and language engineering, wherever they incorporate a multilingual aspect. Therefore, topics such as the compilation and use of multilingual corpora, contrastive linguistics, and machine-aided translation are also covered here.

Online in various databases

Meta: Journal des traducteurs

Meta is a well-established, high-quality journal which encompasses all areas of Translation Studies, including translation theory, teaching translation, interpretation research, stylistics, comparative terminological studies, computer-assisted translation (machine translation), documentation, etc. While aimed particularly at translators, interpreters and terminologists, the publication addresses everyone interested in language phenomena.

New voices in translation studies (Freely available online)

New Voices in Translation Studies is an international, refereed electronic journal covers all aspects of translation studies. The aim of the free, online journal is to disseminate high quality original work by new researchers in Translation and Interpreting Studies to a wide audience.

Target : international journal of translation studies

Target promotes the scholarly study of translational phenomena from any part of the world and welcomes submissions of an interdisciplinary nature. The journal's focus is on research on the theory, history, culture and sociology of translation and on the description and pedagogy that underpin and interact with these foci.


Discusses terminology in general (theory and practice) and in specialized fields such as physics; biomedical sciences; technology; engineering; humanities; management; law; arts; business administration; trade; corporate identity; economics; methodology; and any other area in which terminology is essential to improve communication.

Translation and Literature

Translation and Literature is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focusing on English Literature in its foreign relations. It embraces responses to all other literatures in the work of English writers, including reception of classical texts; historical and contemporary translation of works in modern languages; history and theory of literary translation, adaptation, and imitation.

Online in various databases

Translation Journal (Freely Available Online)

A Publication for Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation.

Translation Review

A journal of the American Literary Translators Association, Translation Review is unique in the English-speaking world. While many literary journals publish translations of the works of international authors in English translation, Translation Review focuses on the theoretical, critical, practical, and cultural aspects of transplanting a literary text from one language into another

TTR: Traduction, terminologie, rédaction

TTR is the official journal of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies. It is a scientific and professional publication dedicated to translation, terminology, writing and related disciplines. Issues are often thematic in nature, focusing on current developments in the field.

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