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2014 Summer Data Management Workshop


These workshops are designed to help data generators manage their data in order to:

  • be compliant with new funder and publisher requirements
  • conduct more efficient research
  • maintain data integrity
  • ensure data preservation
  • make new discoveries
  • increase research impact

(based on MIT library publication:  Reasons to Manage and Publish Your Data)

The structure of the workshops was based on the New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculm.

Editor: Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School


Workshop Descriptions:


·         Overview of Research Data Management (Module 1)

This workshop will discuss definitions of research data, outline reasons for managing and sharing research data, list common data management issues, describe best practices and resources for managing data, and discuss data services available from UCL.


·         Types, Formats, and Stages of Data (Module 2)

         This workshop focuses on stages of the research data life cycle, storage file formats for long term access, quality control techniques and technical standards, and disciplinary data collection recording practices.


·         Contextual Details Needed to Make Data Meaningful to Others (Module 3)

This workshop will help users define metadata, understand the “what” and “why” for metadata, identify standards for documenting and capturing metadata, and identify an approach to creating metadata for a project.


·         Data Storage, Backup, and Security (Module 4)

This workshop focuses on understanding why data storage, backup, and security of research data are important and to discuss current and best practices for creating a data storage, backup, and security plan for a project.


·         Legal and Ethical Considerations for Research Data (Module 5)

This workshop addresses issues such as who owns research data, how do intellectual property laws and/or copyright protections relate to research data and researchers, what is a data citation, and what ethical and privacy considerations one needs to be aware of when using another’s data or sharing your own data.


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