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Free Resources for UC Alumni

UC Alumni Resources

University of Cincinnati alumni have access to all "public" research literature databases, e.g., PubMed or Google Scholar, and you may have access to fee-based research literature databases, e.g., PsycINFO, Opposing Viewpoints or Business NewsBank from your local public library. Review the links below for additional information and access links to these resources.

Free Research Literature Databases

Some major research literature databases are freely available to the public.  Additionally, you can use the RefWorks online search function to directly access public research literature databases as well as hundreds of academic and public library catalogs.


All UC alumni and previous faculty and staff will have life-long access to RefWorks as long as UC Libraries maintains its RefWorks institutional subscription. You will retain all of the features of your present RefWorks account as well as any new RefWorks system developments.

Though you will lose your UC authentication after you leave UC, you will continue to have access to a wide range of research literature databases from which you can continue to build your personal RefWorks database.  

Phone and Email Support: RefWorks provides support Monday - Friday from 9 am to 8 pm (Eastern Time).

Phone: 1 800-889-3358  Extension  7


Public Library Research Literature Databases

Your local public library may offer access to dozens of research literature databases and to full text articles. Below is a list of selected public libraries from the tri-state area. 

University of Cincinnati Libraries

PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0033

Phone: 513-556-1424

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