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Evaluating Online Information

Best Bets: Use the Library!

If you ever see a research study referenced in an online source, you can always search for that original study using the library! Copy and paste the article title into our Summon search bar to see if we have access to the full article. 

Tracing Claims

It's important to find the original source that made a claim so that you can evaluate its trustworthiness. Look at how the information you want to review is framed. Is it "reporting on reporting?" This means that the article is simply referencing what has already been written by someone else, and a cue for you to track down the original story.

You should always try to find an article where the person writing the article is the same person who fact-checked the information in it. The more people who have handled a story, the more likely it is that something got missed or changed. 

Advanced Strategies: What if Claims or Sources aren't Linked?


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