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Author Identifiers

This guide provides an overview of unique author identifiers and provides examples of several frequently used identifiers.


Below are a number of resources used for unique author identification. Most require registration on their website. Some, such as ORCID and ResearcherID, support integration between products.


"ORCID aims to solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers and an open and transparent linking mechanism between ORCID and other current researcher ID schemes. These identifiers, and the relationships among them, can be linked to the researcher's output to enhance the scientific discovery process and to improve the efficiency of research funding and collaboration within the research community."

Scopus Author Identifier

"The Scopus Author Identifier helps solve one of the biggest problems associated with author searching:

  • How do you distinguish between articles belonging authors with similar names?
  • How can you be confident that you captured all results for an author when their name is recorded in different ways?
  • And, can you be sure that names with unusual characters such as accents have been included?"

ResearcherID: Web of Knowledge/Science

"ResearcherID provides a solution to the author ambiguity problem within the scholarly research community. Each member is assigned a unique identifier to enable researchers to manage their publication lists, track their times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author misidentification. In addition, your ResearcherID information integrates with the Web of Knowledge and is ORCID compliant, allowing you to claim and showcase your publications from a single one account. Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists and explore how research is used around the world!"

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