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Citing Sources in Engineering & Science

Why Cite?

  1. Citing sources is necessary for responsible and scholarly communication. It enhances and shows others you did proper research and allows others to further their research with your citations. 
  2. Failure to properly cite your resources is considered plagiarism.
  3. Plagiarism can result in failing the project/paper, failing the course, university disciplinary reprimand, probation, suspension, or even dismissal.

When to Cite?

You must cite when:

  • You use or quote another author's words
  • You paraphrase or summarize an idea
  • You reuse an image, diagram, or chart


You do not need to cite the source if information being used is common knowledge. For example:

  • George Washington was the first president.
  • There are seven days in the week.
  • Abraham Lincoln's face is on the penny.

When in doubt, it is best to cite the source from where the information came.

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