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Python (programming language)

This guide serves as a Python tutorial for beginners. It also contains links to other useful resources and installation guides

Python Workshop GitHub Resources

Python Online Resources

    • Installing Python
    • Choosing an editor/IDE
    • Working with variables and expressions
    • Writing loops
    • Using the date, time, and datetime classes
    • Reading and writing files
    • Fetching Internet data
    • Parsing and processing HTML
    • Python syntax
    • Strings and console output
    • Conditions and control flow
    • Functions
    • Lists and dictionaries
    • Loops
    • Advanced Topics
    • Hello World!
    • Variables and Types
    • Lists
    • Operators
    • Strings
    • Conditions
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Classes and objects
    • Dictionaries

Python Books

Listed below are few books available in our library. Others can be found by browsing the entire list of both print and online versions here.

Python E-books

Listed below are few of the e-books available in our library. Others may be found by browsing the entire list of both print and online versions here.

Cover image for A Whirlwind Tour of Python    


A Whirlwind Tour of Python
Jacob T. Vanderplas
ISBN - 978-1-49-196464-4
Publication Year 2016


A Functional Start to Computing with Python
Ted Herman                                   
ISBN - 978-1-46-650455-4
Publication Year:2014


The Python Quick Syntax Reference
Gregory Walters
ISBN - 978-1-43-026478-1
Publication Year : 2014


Fundamentals of Python: Data Structures
Kenneth R. Lambert
ISBN - 978-1-28-575201-3
Publication Year:2014


Python Pocket Reference
Mark Lutz
ISBN - 978-1-44-935701-6
Publication Year 2014

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