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Python (programming language)

This guide serves as a Python tutorial for beginners. It also contains links to other useful resources and installation guides

Python Workshop GitHub Resources

Following are the links to the workshop repositories on GitHub.

Once you are in a workshop's repository, click the 'launch binder' button to launch the Binder. A Binder is an interactive environment that allows you to run code in the web browser without the need for any installations. The image below is an example from the Introduction to Python Part-1 repository.

Python Online Resources

  • LinkedIn Learning (Formerly
    • Installing Python
    • Choosing an editor/IDE
    • Working with variables and expressions
    • Writing loops
    • Using the date, time, and datetime classes
    • Reading and writing files
    • Fetching Internet data
    • Parsing and processing HTML
  • Code Academy
    • Python syntax
    • Strings and console output
    • Conditions and control flow
    • Functions
    • Lists and dictionaries
    • Loops
    • Advanced Topics
  • Learn Python Online
    • Hello World!
    • Variables and Types
    • Lists
    • Operators
    • Strings
    • Conditions
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Classes and objects
    • Dictionaries
  • Books on Python can be found at our library. Click here to browse through the entire list of both print and online versions in the library catalogue.

Python Books

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