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Information on searching reactions in reaxys.

Workshops and Materials

  • Learn more about Reaxys & Scifinder, data searching tools designed to retrieve chemical reactions, substance data, literature references, and other related information.
  • Use the link given below to find more information on up-coming workshops on Reaxys & Scifinder


1) Reaxys & SciFinder Basics: Substance & Property Search

  • - Learn different ways of input the structures to Scifinder/Reaxys
  • - Get hands on experience with drawing structures using drawing tools
  • - Search physical properties & locate spectra using Scifinder/Reaxys
  • - Save or import your data and email results to your colleagues

2) Reaxys & Scifinder Advanced: Search Reactions & Plan your Synthesis

  • - See how you can use SciFinder/Reaxys to find information about specific chemical reactions
  • - Create alerts (similar to Keep-Me-Posted in Scifinder) and receive email notifications.
  • - See how to use SciFinder/Reaxys to plan a synthesis project and share it with colleagues.
  • - Sci-Planner & Reaxys' synthesis planning

Please Register for workshops at:

University of Cincinnati Libraries

PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0033

Phone: 513-556-1424

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