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Your CECH Library guide to STEAM-themed kits for kid-friendly instruction in coding, circuits, robotics, technology, and more.

LittleBits Code [Circuit]

LittleBits code pieces connected to a computer with "CE" displayed on the lightup screen

Level: Grade 3-8
Requires computer and app

Tags: circuits, coding, creative, invention

MakeBlock Starter Robot [Robot]

What comes with the MakeBlock Starter Robot Ekit: cables, building boards, screws, a screwdriver, a remote control, wheels, and robot decorations

Level: Grade 3-12
May require computer and MakeBlock app for some activities

Tags: circuits, engineering, design, invention, programming, robotics

Makey Makey [Circuit]

What comes with the Makey Makey Ekit: 3 banana cards with helpful URLs, a USB cord, a connector board, and 7 conductive alligator clipsMakey Makey board with alligator clips and USB cord connected

Level: K-12
Requires computer

Tags: circuits, conductivity, design

Raspberry Pi Projects

The Raspberry Pi Projects STEAM Kit with parts laid out, including 1 Raspberry Pi Model B+, 1 8GB SD card, 1 protective plastic case, 1 micro-USB, 1 6-ft HDMI cable, 1 GPIO ribbon cable, 1 PI Wedge breadboard adapter, 20 LEDs (assorted colors), 25 330 0hm resistors, 10 male-male jumper wires, 10 male-female jumper wires, 10 alligator clips, 2 6-in piano wires, 1 motion sensor, 2 light sensors, 2 magnets, 2 pushbuttons

Level: Grade 6-12

Tags: circuits, coding, computer science, programming

Snap Circuit Light

All of the parts of the Electronic Snap Circuit Light are pictured. They include one base grid, three one-snap wires, six two-snap wires, three three-snap wires, one four-snap wire, one five-snap wire, one six-snap wire, two battery holders, two capacitors, three light emitting diodes, two jumper wires, a motor, a spare motor top, a glow fan blade, a disk holder, disk cutouts, two transistors, a phototransistor, three resistors, a slide switch, a press switch, a speaker, a microphone, a color organ, a stereo cable, a strobe IC, an infrared receiver, a fiber optic cable, two fiber optic cable holders, a fiber optic tree, a mounting base for the tree, a tower LED attachment, an egg LED attachment, prismatic film, and RGB filters.A constructed snap circuit. Several conductive parts are connected so that multiple LEDs are lit up.

Level: K-12

Tags: creative, circuits, conductivity, engineering

Squishy Circuits

6 colorful conductive doughs, 2 black and white non-conductive doughs, 25 lights, battery pack, and conductive wires

Level: Grade 3-8

Tags: art, circuits, conductivity, creative, design, invention

Steam Student Set

What comes with the steam student set: building boards, wheels, a USB cord, a power outlet, batteries, and conductive bitsA sample of a project built using the steam student set guide: a two-wheeled moving vehicle

Level: Grade 3-12

Tags: creative, circuits, design, engineering, invention, robotics

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