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Your CECH Library guide to STEAM-themed kits for kid-friendly instruction in coding, circuits, robotics, technology, and more.

Bloxels [Game]

The Bloxels pieces, game board with a game built on it in pieces, and an iPad snapping a picture of the gameboard to be used in the Bloxels app to play a video gameWhat the Bloxels kit comes with: yellow, blue, green, red, purple, orange, pink, and white game pieces, and a game board for you to put the pieces inWhat the game looks like in the app after you have built your video game on the game board included in the kit

Level: Grade 3-12
Requires App and smart device

Tags: creative, computer science, design, engineering, games, problem solving, puzzles

Electronic Snap Circuits [Circuit]

What comes in the case for snap circuits: many moving and non-moving parts, electricity conductors, sound producers, and batteriesA built snap circuit where a person is touching one piece in order to turn on a small light connected to the circuit

Level: Grade 3-12

Tags: circuits, conductivity, creative, games, invention, robotics

Hummingbird [Robot]

What comes with the Hummingbird Ekit: lights, a power outlet, a USB cable, extension cords, a servo, and a connector boardThe Hummingbird board with a servo, USB, and power cable connected

Level: Grade 4-12
Requires computer

Tags: circuits, coding, design, engineering, programming, robotics

LittleBits Code [Circuit]

LittleBits code pieces connected to a computer with "CE" displayed on the lightup screen

Level: Grade 3-8
Requires computer and app

Tags: circuits, coding, creative, invention

MakeBlock Starter Robot [Robot]

What comes with the MakeBlock Starter Robot Ekit: cables, building boards, screws, a screwdriver, a remote control, wheels, and robot decorations

Level: Grade 3-12
May require computer and MakeBlock app for some activities

Tags: circuits, engineering, design, invention, programming, robotics

Makey Makey [Circuit]

What comes with the Makey Makey Ekit: 3 banana cards with helpful URLs, a USB cord, a connector board, and 7 conductive alligator clipsMakey Makey board with alligator clips and USB cord connected

Level: K-12
Requires computer

Tags: circuits, conductivity, design

Snap Circuit Light

All of the parts of the Electronic Snap Circuit Light are pictured. They include one base grid, three one-snap wires, six two-snap wires, three three-snap wires, one four-snap wire, one five-snap wire, one six-snap wire, two battery holders, two capacitors, three light emitting diodes, two jumper wires, a motor, a spare motor top, a glow fan blade, a disk holder, disk cutouts, two transistors, a phototransistor, three resistors, a slide switch, a press switch, a speaker, a microphone, a color organ, a stereo cable, a strobe IC, an infrared receiver, a fiber optic cable, two fiber optic cable holders, a fiber optic tree, a mounting base for the tree, a tower LED attachment, an egg LED attachment, prismatic film, and RGB filters.A constructed snap circuit. Several conductive parts are connected so that multiple LEDs are lit up.

Level: K-12

Tags: creative, circuits, conductivity, engineering

Squishy Circuits

6 colorful conductive doughs, 2 black and white non-conductive doughs, 25 lights, battery pack, and conductive wires

Level: Grade 3-8

Tags: art, circuits, conductivity, creative, design, invention

Star Wars Droid [Robot]

What comes with the Star Wars Droid Inventor Ekit: building platforms, wheels, batteries, robotic parts, and an R2D2 decorative casing

Level: Grade 3-12
Requires app for controlling and coding

Tags: coding, computer science, design, engineering, invention, robotics

Steam Student Set

What comes with the steam student set: building boards, wheels, a USB cord, a power outlet, batteries, and conductive bitsA sample of a project built using the steam student set guide: a two-wheeled moving vehicle

Level: Grade 3-12

Tags: creative, circuits, design, engineering, invention, robotics

Vex IQ Super Kit

Parts of the Vex IQ Super Kit laid out unassembled including wheels, connectors, platforms, batteries, controllers, wires, and control centers

Level: Grade 3-9

Tags: creative, coding, design, engineering, programming, robotics 

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