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This guide provides information on RefWorks, EndNote, Sciwheel, and Zotero,


Legacy RefWorks is ceasing January 2023. If you are a current Legacy user please transition to the new RefWorks (now just RefWorks). If you do not transition prior to January, your account will be moved over through an organizational system update.

For questions about and steps on migrating to RefWorks please see: Migrating Legacy RefWorks References into New RefWorks

About RefWorks

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Legacy RefWorks is a web-based bibliography manager that makes it easy to import references to articles, books, web pages and other types of sources from online databases.

RefWorks is licensed by the University of Cincinnati and is available at no cost to all UC students, faculty and staff.

RefWorks can help you:

  • Electronically collect, organize and manage your references in a personal database
  • Easily format bibliographies, footnotes and in-text citations into almost any output style
  • Conveniently link references to full-text articles, eliminating unwieldy storage of paper copy
  • Access your personal database 24/7 anywhere you have web access
  • Share your personal database (or any part of it) with anyone in the world who has Internet access
  • Receive quarterly automatic quarterly upgrades (no installation required)


Legacy RefWorks Tutorials


The RefWorks Write-N-Cite add-in is not currently supported by the Microsoft Word iPad app; however, if you have installed the Mac desktop version of Office365, you can use the RefWorks Citation Manager add-in.

If your iPad is your only device, you may also use the One Line Cite option, until RefWorks makes the Write-N-Cite add-in compatible with the Word iPad app. 

One Line Cite for Microsoft Word iPad app

RefWorks One Line Cite on iPad Transcript

  1. This video will demonstrate how to use the One Line Cite function of RefWorks to generate citations and bibliographies in the Microsoft Word iPad app.
  2. Open safari on your ipad
  3. Go to RefWorks dot com
  4. If you are not already logged in, log in to your RefWorks account
  5. Select the folder that contains the references you wish to cite in your paper
  6. Click on the orange brackets in the gray toolbar for the reference you wish to cite
  7. Select all of the text in the citation viewer
  8. Copy the text
  9. Open the Microsoft Word iPad app
  10. Click the place in your Word document where the citation needs to be inserted
  11. Click paste
  12. Repeat these steps as necessary until your paper is complete
  13. To cite multiple references simultaneously, return to RefWorks and click the orange brackets for each reference you wish to include
  14. When your paper is complete, save a draft in the Word format
  15. Next click the File menu in the Microsoft Word app, then choose Export
  16. Select OpenDocument Text a dot O D T file extension
  17. Click More
  18. Click iCloudDrive
  19. Export the dot O D T file
  20. Go back to your refworks tab in safari
  21. Click Create Bibliography
  22. Then click “format a paper and bibliography”
  23. Choose your output option from the dropdown
  24. Click Select a file
  25. Click iCloud Drive
  26. Select the O D T file you wish to import
  27. Click Click here from the pop up
  28. Click Open in Word
  29. Your in-text citations have now been formatted in the chosen output style
  30. Click Duplicate
  31. Change the file name if needed
  32. And click Save
  33. Return to your RefWorks tab in Safari
  34. Click Create Bibliography
  35. Include references from the applicable folder
  36. Select the output style
  37. And click Create Bibliography
  38. Click Click here from the pop up
  39. Select all of the text
  40. And copy
  41. Open Word
  42. And paste at the end of your document
  43. Save the Word document
  44. Your in-text citations and bibliography have been created. Be sure to double check for any errors
  45. If you anticipate needing to change output styles at any point, save the O D T file which can be reimported into RefWorks.

UC Alumni RefWorks Access

All UC alumni and previous faculty and staff will have life-long access to RefWorks as long as UC Libraries maintains its RefWorks institutional subscription. You will retain all of the features of your present RefWorks account as well as any RefWorks system developments.

Though you will lose your UC authentication after you leave UC, you will continue to have access to a wide range of research literature databases from which you can continue to build your personal RefWorks database.  

Contact RefWorks technical support for assistance. 

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PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0033

Phone: 513-556-1424

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