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Citing Your Sources

Citing Computer Code in a Report or Paper

To cite either a computer program or piece of source code you will need the following information:

  • Author(s) name (Individual or corporation)
  • Date
  • Title of program/source code
  • Code version
  • Type (e.g. computer program, source code)
  • Web address or publisher (e.g. program publisher, URL)

When writing a report and citing within the text, the following method (based on common IEEE and ACM citiation rules for other types of references) can be used:

<author(s) names> (<date>) <title of program/source code> (<code version>) [<type>]. Web address or publisher.

Smith, J (2011) GraphicsDrawer source code (Version 2.0) [Source code].

Reproduced from "Citing Programming Code", Computer Science & Computer Engineering Resources (Universiry of Arkansas) . See  the same source to learn how to cite computer code in the sources code.

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