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English Composition 1001

Research made easy.


This unit describes different kinds of information sources so that you can determine what kind of information  is best suited for your paper. 

What's in this unit?

  • A video that introduces the information timeline and how that impacts the kinds of sources produced about a topic
  • A "Know Your Souces" website to dig deeper into the characteristics of different sources

How will this help me?

Depending on your assignment and your topic, different kinds of sources might be useful.  Newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, journal articles, and more all contain different kinds of information, are written for different kinds of audiences, and will incorporate different angles or perspectives on the topic.  It's important to consider the kind of information you use and make sure you are bringing in an appropriate variety of perspectives in order to have a well-rounded representation of your topic. As always, be sure to pay close attention to your assignment requirements and check with your instructor if you are unsure of the appropriateness of a source. 



This website has a great overivew of different kinds of information sources and includes a breakdown of the various characteristics you may want to consider when deciding between different sources

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