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Materials Science

Top Databases

No matter what materials science topic you're researching, these databases are a good place to start your search:

Other Databases & Journals

These resources may provide additional, or more specialized, information:


Books about Materials Science can be located through the UC Library Catalog. You can search in the UC Library Catalog by author, title, keyword or subject.

Looking for Course Textbooks?

They can be accessed through UC Libraries Textbook and Reserves List, both online and in print.


What are Engineering Standards?

According to IEEE, "standards are documents that established an agreed upon way of doing something. From expected best practices to technical specifications or requirements, standards help to ensure a common approach and repeatable outcome in the design and development of products, services and technologies." Engineers use a wide variety of standards providing guidance on everything from screw threads to information technology networks.

How are Standards Developed?

According to the ISO, "Like a symphony, it takes a lot of people working together to develop a standard. ISO’s role is similar to that of a conductor, while the orchestra is made up of independent technical experts nominated by our members. They begin the process with the development of a draft that meets a market need within a specific area. This is then shared for commenting and further discussion. The voting process is the key to consensus. If that’s achieved then the draft is on its way to becoming an ISO standard. If agreement isn’t reached then the draft will be modified further, and voted on again. From first proposal to final publication, developing a standard usually takes about 3 years."

Where to find Standards?


Patents are an excellent source of technical information. See patent web guide for more information:

Techincal Reports

The CEAS Library holds an extensive collection of NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Collaborative Support Office (CSO), NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) reports. In addition, there are several digital repositories for technical reports, including:

Project Reports, Dissertations & Theses

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