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Finding Permalinks: the move to a more accessible format

Permalinks in the Navigation Bar

The URLs in the navigation bar within these databases can be used as permalinks:


1. If you cannot locate a permalink with the UC proxy information (, but can find the DOI, be sure to add the proxy at the beginning of the URL so that UC individuals will be able to access the resource.

For example:


2. You cannot have a permalink to a resource to which we do not have access. These resources will need to be requested through the Interlibrary Loan Service.


Permalinks - what are they?

Permalinks or permanent links are URLs that are stable links that remain unchanged. Permalinks allow faculty and students to share links that go directly to a particular result within a database.


Permalinks - why use them?

First, using permalinks ensures that you are not violating copyright. Many of our databases do not allow the distribution of PDFs so sharing the link ensures proper use. Second, many permalinks provide a more accessible option - some even link to the HTML, PDF, and audio versions of an article. Lastly, these are more or less permanent thus providing seamless access to the resource.


Permalinks - how to locate?

Permalink location varies between databases. It is uncommon that the URL located in the navigation bar however this is not universally true. Use the boxes below to learn about common locations of these links. If you need assistance locating permalinks contact your subject librarian.

Finding Permalinks from EBSCO Databases

UC Libraries provides access to over 100 EBSCO databases. A few popular of these being: Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, Education Research Complete, and MEDLINE.

To find the permalink:

  1. After conducting your search within the database, click on the wanted article
  2. On the right side select Permalink. This will make a box pop up above the article's title.
  3. Copy and paste this within the course, document, etc.

Finding Permalinks with the UC Article Linker Button

When you are looking for an article outside of an EBSCO database, it is best practice to use the UC Article Linker button to link to the full text.

  1. In the database of your choice, conduct the search on your topic.
  2. Select the article in which you are interested.
  3. Click on the UC article linker button to navigate to the full text.
  4. Once at the full text locate the permalink or DOI.


***If the DOI does not include the UC proxy ( you will need to add this in. The UC proxy allows for any UC individual to access the article by logging in with their central login and password. For example:

Finding Permalinks for eBooks

If you are using Summon (the big red search box):

  1. From the summon search box search for the title or topic you are wanting
  2. Filter the results to ebook Full Text Online (located at the left side)
  3. Select the title you want
  4. From the ebook locate the permalink

From specific ebook platforms:

  • If you know that the ebook you want is located within a specific database, search that database, and then locate the permalink.


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