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MGMT 1054: Survey of Business (UCBA)

Starting point for MGMT 1054 research assignments.

Your Research Topic or Question

Whether you need to develop a research topic or question, it's important to understand the difference between them and what you'll need for your specific assignment. The Developing a Research Question video (2:31 minutes) reviews the difference between topic and question and things to consider.


  • Talk with your professor to determine if the topic/question meets the scope of the assignment
  • Make sure you go through the topic/question approval process if required by your professor 

Mapping Your Research Ideas Video & Worksheet

The Mapping Your Research Ideas video (2:53 minutes) explains how to create a map using your research idea as a starting point. You can download the keyword map worksheet template (Word document link), use a blank piece of paper, or open a new Word document on your device.

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