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Counseling Resources

The Counseling Resources portal provides links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work,scholarship and career development.

Search Term & Search Query Development

To successfully find articles in PsycINFO or any other database your search terms must match those terms used to describe the article in the database. Use these tips to find terms:

  1. Use synonymous ways to describe your concepts. For example: drug abuse, substance abuse or drug addiction
  2. Use logical and positional connectors to define term and concept relationships. 
    1. AND will narrow your search -- drug abuse AND treatment
    2. OR will broaden your search -- drug abuse OR alcoholism
    3. N(+ a number) will find terms near each other -- fear N4 crime (this would find only articles that had fear and crime within 4 words of one another)
  3. Use truncation to include derivatives of your terms. For example: therap* will retrieve articles with the terms therapy, therapies, or therapeutic

Sample Search using the Search Schematic

Find articles identifying the effectiveness of various therapeutic approaches for treating teenagers with drug abuse problems.

Search Schematic

drug* N4 abus*



substance N4 abus*




(too broad, retrieves non-drug related addicitons)






narcotic* (or other specific drug names)




Note: As you search your search query evolves with the addition of new terms and perhaps the removal of others. Carefully inspect the references you retrieve for new ways and new terms to search.

Searching in PsycINFO Example

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