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PsycINFO on Ebscohost -- New & permanent platform

Ebscohost merged search and results screens -- link to a live session on PsycINFO via Ebscohost

Ebscohost platform

PsycINFO via Ebscohost -- New Features & Advantages

PsycINFO, the preeminent research database for the behavioral science and mental health literature, was recently added to the Ebscohost platform.    It will be available on both the Ebscohost platform and the old OhioLINK platform until it is removed from OhioLINK  in December, 2012. 

The transition to the Ebscohost platform presents a multitude of new features and advantages over the OhioLINK platform.  Many of these features and advantages are enumerated below:



Ebscohost is a popular and familiar interface, hosting 95 UC Libraries databases.  Learn PsycINFO and there is almost no learning curve required to search the other 94 databases, many relevant to psychology.

Ebscohost enables you to search multiple databases simultaneously.

Improved Technical support -- Ebscohost, provides 24/7 phone assistance.

Ebscohost provides superior speed for complicated searches.

Improved coverage and currency -- Ebscohost provides weekly content updates.

Access to full text articles is quicker and more convenient in PsycINFO on Ebscohost.

Ebscohost provides a current awareness feature, enabling users to automatically receive either email or RSS distributions of search results.


PsycINFO via Ebscohost has fewer data errors.  Data errors, unfortunately, have become very common in PsycINFO on the OhioLINK platform.

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