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Scholarly Lit and Digital Poster Faculty Guide at Clermont

A faculty guide for utilizing scientific literature, teaching information literacy concepts, and creating digital posters in your science classroom.

How to Use This Guide

Thinking of integrating a literature search, digital poster, writing activity, or information literacy component into your science class? Use this guide to get started, or contact me for additional resources.

Off Campus Access

When to Use: Ideal for research sessions that require quick and easy access. 

How to Connect: Click on the Library Off Campus Access (Proxy) Button to login with your UC ID username and password. Once you login, you'll be returned to the main Library homepage and can begin your research.

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UC Access Only

When to Use: Ideal method for longer research sessions up to 24 hours. 

How to Connect
Firefox or Chrome browsers are recommended

  • Go to 
  • Login using your UC ID username and password (6+2 - same as Blackboard and Canvas).
  • Once logged in, click the link to UC Libraries
  • You will be sent to the libraries home page.
  • Once here you are now in the new VPN. DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB OR PAGE

Get Help: For help connecting via VPN, visit IT@UC Service Portal to report issues or call 513-556-4357.

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