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Scholarly Lit and Digital Poster Faculty Guide at Clermont

A faculty guide for utilizing scientific literature, teaching information literacy concepts, and creating digital posters in your science classroom.

How Can We Help You?

Option A: Guest Speaker
This "parachute in" model engages a writing expert or librarian for a guest classroom lecture on a writing, research, or technology topic. We can visit your regular classroom, laboratory, or schedule a computer lab on your behalf depending on the pedagogical need. 

Option B: Embedded
In addition to delivering content via an appearance in your class, the embedded model includes additional points of contact for your class, such as the addition of adding this "expert" to your Blackboard class as a course builder.  We can place additional resources there for easy student access, as well as easily communicate with students via email, discussion board, or other announcements.

Option C: Course-Integrated
In addition to the components from options A and B, the option C partnership offers course-integrated touch points with students. This model is the most collaborative and involves specific planning between faculty partners to collaborate on student learning outcomes, deliver assignments, or create joint rubrics.

Professional Development Opportunities

Additional professional development opportunities for teaching writing in the disciplines are typically available in the summer months. The Summer Online Writing Institutes (SOWIs) connect national experts with faculty across the disciplines who are interested in exploring the convergence of sound writing-to-learn pedagogy with instructional technology solutions.

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