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When and how to use UC's digital repository
Scholar@UC Digital Repository

Scholar@UC is a digital repository that enables the University of Cincinnati community to share research and scholarly work with a worldwide audience. Faculty and staff can use Scholar@UC to collect work in one location and create a durable and citeable record of papers, presentations, publications, datasets, or other scholarly creations. Scholar@UC is an open source, agile development project supported in partnership by the University of Cincinnati Libraries and IT@UC.


Why Contribute my Work to Scholar@UC?

You can use Scholar@UC to collect your work in one location and make unpublished output available. Your data and unpublished reports will no longer reside solely on inaccessible backroom computers or servers. The global influence, impact, and recognition of your scholarly work and research are both enhanced and preserved securely. Federal and private foundations increasingly mandate access to publicly funded research data, and require proposals to include data management plans to ensure long-term access. Scholar@UC can help you and other researchers meet these requirements.


What Types of Work Can be Added to Scholar@UC?

Appropriate content includes: grey literature; pre-, post-, and published versions* of academic papers, manuscripts, senior design projects, theses and dissertations (mediated by the Graduate School), posters, datasets, presentations, and other creative works. Content may be text, image, video, audio, or mixed-media in nature.

What Should NOT be Added to Scholar@UC?

Some things should NOT be added to Scholar@UC either because it does not belong there or because doing so could jeopardize the possibility of future publication or funding. It is very important to be absolutely sure before submitting any kind of research, data, or writing to Scholar@UC, or before posting on any online forum (including Twitter, Facebook, ect). Your Thesis or Dissertation should NOT be directly submitted to Scholar@UC, as distribution of those works is handled by the Graduate College.


Firstly, always ask your PI. If you are working in a research lab or doing a research or capstone project under the supervision of a professor, you need to get permission before posting anything online, including papers, posters, datasets, and anything else you might be working on. Some journals allow pre- or even post-prints of published materials to be uploaded to open-access repositories. The best resource to determine if your intended journal allows this is SHERPA/RoMEO, which provides a comprehensive, searchable archive of publisher copyright & self-archiving policies. Remember to thoroughly check the policies of any journals you're submitting to before deciding to upload a preprint, and always get permission from your PI.


Make sure that anything that you plan to add to Scholar@UC does not violate the copyright of others, violate an agreement with a funding or publishing agency (see Scholar@UC's distribution license), and is not categorized as restricted per the University of Cincinnati Data Protection Policy.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens to my copyright?

You are in control of your content. You will retain copyright and can issue your content under a Creative Commons license.


What if I've already published an article; will my publisher care if I put it in Scholar@UC?

This varies by publisher. Most publishers and journals will not allow the final version to be uploaded to repositories like Scholar@UC, but some will allow authors to post a preprint version. Make sure to check Scholar@UC's information about Creator Rights, SHERPA/RoMEO, the official website of your paper's journal, and check in with your PI and any coauthors before uploading anything to Scholar@UC.


Who can access my content?

You can make your content private until you are ready to publish, embargo content until a specific date, limit acces to a group of individual UC users, limit access to the UC community, or make your content available worldwide.


Will I be able to access my content in the far future?

Scholar@UC is a stable platform with preservation services to mitigate risks of hardware failure, file corruption, and other digital disasters, ensuring the long-term preservation and availability of your content.

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