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Acquisition Guide to Streaming Video

GOBI Basics

For login credentials email

Go to

You will see a three-column page.  In the leftmost column, you will see a blue box that says "Login."

log in function

Enter your email, as well as your GOBI password.

Click Log In.

For login credentials, email

Preferences only need to be set the first time you log on.

  1. Click on the Options tab.
  2. Click My Preferences.
  3. Set preferences as follows:

Bibliographic display preferences:

  • Classification: Our profile is written in LC, but you can choose any option here
  • ISBN Format: ISBN-13/EAN
  • Title display when displaying titles shown: Both, with US Price displayed first

 General Cart Preferences:

  • Default title view for list results: Full
  • Display warning before removal of items: Check
  • Automatically unmark items after each action: Check

Searching Slip / Approval Plan Suggestions

  • Select Search from the navigation bar at the top.
  • Select Slip.
  • Choose a Slip Date. you have options, if you want weekly slips you can do one date range or greater than date (last time you got your slips for example). All results will have the last status on it form YBP , our exports or from your choices on selections
  • Choose a Fund Code (or Subaccount ) Best to use your fund as that helps you to see the funds being used.
  • Click the green Search arrow (under the navigation bar).

Free form searching of Database (not for approvals)

To do a search of the database

  • At the very top of the page, to the immediate right of the GOBI logo, is a search bar function.  Search by typing your search terms into the open box and set your parameters by:
    • Keyword
    • Title
    • ISBN
    • Author or Editor
    • Subject
    • Any or All words

  • Clicking Search on the navigation bar provides you with more search options.
    • Advanced: You can perform an advanced search.
    • Add Titles by ISBN: You can add titles to a folder or cart by using its ISBN.
    • Consortial Titles: You can search titles purchased by other OhioLINK institutions.
    • Peer Comparison Titles: You can search titles purchased by UCL's peer institutions.
    • Slip Search: You can search titles recommended by UCL's Approval Plan.
    • And many more options.


When looking at a title record in GOBI, you can garner a lot of information about the title - and whether you can order it through GOBI.  You can see the title's availability and price, whether orders are being accepted for a title or whether those titles are in stock; if a title is published or out of stock or we've already purchased it; etc.


  • We cannot purchase a title which has not yet been published.
  • Make sure, when you order, that the title is in stock.
  • Make sure that the title is not shipped, library open order, in process, or cancelled.
  • Verify whether you want an eBook or print copy, and then make sure you use the corresponding template and fund.

Print Titles

For print title records, you will see a record similar to this.

title record print

1. US List shows the price of the title.

2. US Status will usually say either In Stock or Orders Accepted.

  • In Stock means that the title is in the warehouse; this means we can purchase the item.
  • Orders Accepted means that the title is not in the warehouses but might be obtainable. 
    •   If you want a title that is not in stock, you can use Tricerashopper and Acquisitions will determine where to purchase the book, and then do so.

3. Last Received YBP-US shows when YBP last received this item.  This can be an important indicator of whether the title will come back in stock.  A recent date indicates that the book is likely still in print and can be acquired, even if it isn't in stock at the moment.

4. The right side of the record can display a variety of messages, including Slip Sent, Shipped to LibraryExportedAlternative Editions, Library Open Order, etc.

  • Slip Sent: This title was recommended per our approval plan.
  • Shipped to Library: We have purchased this title and should have received it (or will be receiving it promptly).
  • Exported: We have not purchased this title, but the record has been exported to the OPAC so that a patron can request that the title be purchased.  An old exported date may raise a few questions: why wasn't this title selected and ordered earlier? why does your library want it now (request, new faculty interest, etc.)? As long as it’s not within a week of time you can export it again after checking cataloging to see if it hasn’t been cataloged. 
  • Alternative Editions: The Library has purchased a different edition of this title.
  • Library Open Order: We have ordered the title but the item has yet to be shipped to us.
  • Cancelled: A previous order for this item was cancelled.

eBook Titles

eBook title records are similar to print title records, with a few differences.

The record will note, in red, that the item is an eBook.

At the bottom of the record, you can see the eReader (Supplier), user options (Purchase Option), UCLID status (Library DDA), and contract status (Library Availability) as well as the prices.  Consider which eReader (for example, here, EBSCOhost, ProQuest Ebook Central or SpringerLink) is best.  Also, and more importantly, consider how many users will need access to this item at once.  If you expect this title to be used by a class, Acquisitions recommends Unlimited or Non-Linear users.  If the title might be in higher demand but we cannot purchase unlimited users (whether the service is unavailable or cost prohibitive), you can purchase a Multiple User - often 3 Users - service.  If the title likely won't see heavy use, the Single User Option (SUPO) or 1 User may be sufficient.  If a title is already visible in UCLID as part of UCL's DDA package that will be indicated with a YES in the Library DDA column.  Lastly, if Library Availability is stated as Request Contract, please email or order via Tricerashopper.


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