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NEW Picturebooks about Family

by Rachel Hoople on 2023-12-08T09:00:00-05:00 | 0 Comments


Cover ArtDancing in Thatha's Footsteps by Srividhya Venkat; Kavita Ramchandran (Illustrator)
Call Number: E VEN
ISBN: 9781949528909
Publication Date: 2021
On Sundays, Varun has his karate lesson, and his sister Varsha heads to dance school with their grandfather. One weekend, Varun reluctantly accompanies his sister to her lesson. Bored of waiting, he peeks into the classroom, and almost immediately, he is fascinated by the rhythm and grace of bharatanatyam, a dance from India that Varsha is learning to perfect. Varun tries a few moves at home in secret because?well, boys don't dance, do they? His grandfather is not so sure. Will Thatha be able to convince Varun to dance in his footsteps?
Cover ArtFamilies Can by Dan Saks; Brooke Smart (Illustrator)
Call Number: E SAK Board Book
ISBN: 9780593223659
Publication Date: 2021
A rhyming, light-hearted celebration of the wonderful differences that make each family unique. A family can be Any kind of number Maybe there's one parent Strong like thunder This charmingly heartfelt board book is for families- families who cook together and families who sing together, families with lots of members and families with a special few, families who live together and families who live separately--for all families. Celebrate the differences that make each family unique and the similarities and love that connect us all together.
Cover ArtMama and Mommy and Me in the Middle by Nina LaCour; Kaylani Juanita (Illustrator)
Call Number: E LAC
ISBN: 9781536211511
Publication Date: 2022
A little girl stays home with Mama when Mommy goes off on a work trip in this tender, inviting story that will resonate with every child who has missed a parent. For one little girl, there's no place she'd rather be than sitting between Mama and Mommy. So when Mommy goes away on a work trip, it's tricky to find a good place at the table. As the days go by, Mama brings her to the library, they watch movies, and all of them talk on the phone, but she still misses Mommy as deep as the ocean and as high as an astronaut up in the stars. As they pass by a beautiful garden, the girl gets an idea . . . but when Mommy finally comes home, it takes a minute to shake off the empty feeling she felt all week before leaning in for a kiss. 
Cover ArtMy Sister, Daisy by Linus Curci (Illustrator); Adria Karlsson
Call Number: E KAR
ISBN: 9781684463848
Publication Date: 2021
Daisy's older brother is thrilled when he gets a new sibling. They are best buddies who do everything together. But in kindergarten, things change. His sibling tells him she is a girl and wants to be called Daisy. Daisy's brother must adjust to the change--including what it means for him and their relationship. A powerful, moving picture book based on a true story, My Sister, Daisy handles a sensitive subject with warmth and love.
Cover ArtWith Lots of Love by Jenny Torres Sanchez; André Ceolin (Illustrator)
Call Number: E TOR
ISBN: 9780593205006
Publication Date: 2022
A beautiful, lyrical story about a girl who moves from her home in Central America to the United States, and everything she leaves behind and longs for-especially her Abuela-as she makes a new life. Rocio has grown up in Central America, but now she and her family are moving to the United States. Rocio does her best to adjust to a new way of living, but there are many things she misses from her old life-Abuela's cooking, Abuela's pinata creations, Abuela's warm hugs, and of course, Abuela herself most of all. But Abuela finds a way to send Rocio something special just in time for her birthday-a gift wrapped with lots of love-and that fills Rocio to the brim. (AVAILABLE IN SPANISH)
Cover ArtButterfly Child by Marc Majewski (Illustrator)
Call Number: E MAJ
ISBN: 9780063021556
Publication Date: 2022-11-01
A joyful celebration of creativity, self-expression, and family--perfect for fans of Jessica Love and Beatrice Alemagna. I am a butterfly. I spin and swirl, twist and twirl, flutter and flap, and when I open my wings, I fly! A young child loves the spots and patterns found on butterflies, and fashions bold orange wings to become a butterfly child. But when other kids shun the child for the clothes they don't understand, it takes a father's encouragement for the kid to stay true to what they love and find joy in the butterfly wings once more. 
Cover ArtHello, Moon by Evan Turk (Illustrator)
Call Number: E TUR
ISBN: 9781534400801
Publication Date: 2022
A parent and child explore the wonder and joys of the changing moon together. Hello, Moon! You look so beautiful tonight! Do you mind if we sit with you? In this joyful celebration of a child's sense of curiosity about the world, a parent and child explore the wonder of the changing moon together. Because sometimes all you need is someone to share the silence with.
Cover ArtTogether We Ride by Kaylani Juanita (Illustrator); Valerie Bolling
Call Number: E BOL
ISBN: 9781797212487
Publication Date: 2022
Hair Love meets bike rides in this loving portrait of a father-daughter relationship. Learning to ride is no easy feat! But with a little courage, a guiding hand from her dad, and an enthusiastic bark from her pup, one brave girl quickly learns the freedom that comes from an afternoon spent outside on a bike. Experience the fear, the anticipation, and the delight of achieving the ultimate milestone in this energetic, warm story that celebrates the precious bond between parent and child. 
Cover ArtWhere Three Oceans Meet by Rajani LaRocca; Archana Sreenivasan (Illustrator)
Call Number: E LAR
ISBN: 9781419741296
Publication Date: 2021-08-24
A child, mother, and grandmother travel all the way to the end of the earth in this picture book that celebrates multigenerational love. "I want to see what's at the end of the earth!" Sejal, Mommy, and Pati travel together to the southern tip of India. Along the way, they share meals, visit markets, and catch up with old friends. For Pati, the trip retraces spaces she knows well. For Mommy, it's a return to the place she grew up. For Sejal, it's a discovery of new sights and sounds. The family finds their way to Kanyakumari, where three oceans meet, and delight in making it to the end of the earth together. 
Cover ArtFarmhouse by Sophie Blackall
Call Number: E BLA
ISBN: 9780316528948
Publication Date: 2022
Over a hill, at the end of a road, by a glittering stream that twists and turns stands a farmhouse. Step inside the dollhouse-like interior of Farmhouse and relish in the daily life of the family that lives there, rendered in impeccable, thrilling detail. Based on a real family and an actual farmhouse where Sophie salvaged facts and artifacts for the making of this spectacular work, page after page bursts with luminous detail and joy. Join the award-winning, best-selling Sophie Blackall as she takes readers on an enchanting visit to a farmhouse across time, to a place that echoes with stories.
Cover ArtGigi and Ojiji by Melissa Iwai (Illustrator)
Call Number: E IWA
ISBN: 9780063208063
Publication Date: 2022
Kirkus Gigi, a biracial six-year-old girl, learns about her Japanese culture from her grandfather when he comes to visit. Perfect for social emotional learning. Gigi can't wait for her Ojiji--Japanese grandpa--to move in. Gigi plans lots of things to do with him, like playing tag, reading books, and teaching Roscoe, the family dog, new tricks. But her plans don't work out quite the way she'd hoped. And her grandpa doesn't seem to like Roscoe. Will Gigi find a way to connect with her Ojiji.
Cover ArtMy GrandMom by Gee-eun Lee (Illustrator); Sophie Bowman (Translator)
Call Number: E LEE
ISBN: 9781662508257
Publication Date: 2022
Gee-eun is a little girl whose parents work a lot. So she spends her days with her beloved grandmother. Grandma comforts Gee-eun when she's sad to see her parents leaving and shares in all of Gee-eun's daily joys and problems. She even fills in for Gee-eun's mom at the family sports day, though things don't quite go as planned...But one thing is for sure: Grandma and Gee-eun always have an unforgettable time until the end of the day, when the whole family can come together for a meal made by Grandma. 
Cover ArtThe Tunnel by Sarah Howden; Erika Rodriguez Medina (Illustrator)
Call Number: E HOW
ISBN: 9781771474276
Publication Date: 2022
After something bad happens, a boy feels sad and gray. Mom and Aunt Cheryl try to talk about it, but he feels like running away. So he picks up a shovel and starts digging a tunnel from his room, deep down and into the backyard. Out there, far from the lights of the house, it's dark enough that he could disappear. But the quiet distance also gives him the space he needs to see his family's love and start returning home. As he heads back, the journey upward is different. He notices familiar details and tunes into his senses. The tunnel isn't so scary this time. The boy emerges into his room just as Mom peeks in. When she notices a twig in his hair, he is ready to talk about the tunnel and finds warmth in her gentle acknowledgment.
Cover ArtWhere Butterflies Fill the Sky by Zahra Marwan
Call Number: E MAR
ISBN: 9781547606511
Publication Date: 2022
Zahra lives in a beautiful place where the desert reaches all the way to the sea and one hundred butterflies always fill the sky. When Baba and Mama tell her that their family is no longer welcome here and they must leave, Zahra wonders if she will ever feel at home again--and what about the people she will leave behind? But when she and her family arrive in a new desert, she's surprised to find magic all around her. Home might not be as far away as she thought it would be. 
Cover ArtNosotros Means Us by Paloma Valdivia
Call Number: E VAL
ISBN: 9780593305157
Publication Date: 2021
If I were a sheep, you would be a lamb. If I were a bear, you would be a cub. As a mother holds her toddler, they muse over the way their love would translate if they were different animals. But no matter how they change, they will always be "us." This bilingual story is a timeless ode to the unshakable bond between parent and child. 
Cover ArtHair Twins by Raakhee Mirchandani; Holly Hatam (Illustrator)
Call Number: E MIR
ISBN: 9780316495301
Publication Date: 2021
A Sikh father and daughter with a special hair bond proudly celebrate and share a family tradition in this charming story perfect for fans of Hair Love and I Love My Hair! Every morning Papa combs through his daughter's waves like he does his own--parting it down the middle, using coconut oil to get all the tangles out. Some days he braids her hair in two twists down the side of her face. Other days he weaves it into one long braid hanging down her back, just like a unicorn tail. But her favorite style is when he combs her hair in a tight bun on the top of her head, just like the joora he wears every day under his turban. They call this their hair twin look!
Cover ArtOn My Papa's Shoulders by Niki Daly (Illustrator)
Call Number: E DAL
ISBN: 9781946395689
Publication Date: 2022
Whether it's jumping in puddles with Tata in the rain, greeting the neighborhood cat on the quiet back streets with Gogo, or holding hands with Mama while rushing to make the bell, walking to school with family is the best. But nothing is better than walking to school with Papa. From high above, resting on Papa's shoulders, all of the town is in perfect view, and Papa always says "I love you" when he says goodbye. A sweet ode to fatherhood and the special relationships children share with each member of their family, On My Papa's Shoulders reminds us that it's not about where we're going, but rather the people who walk with us along the way.
Cover ArtAkie & Ebuka got into trouble / words by Uzoma R. Ezekwudo ; pictures by Zulfikar Rachman by Ezekwudo, Uzoma R
Call Number: E EZE
ISBN: 9781957416021
Publication Date: 2022
While most siblings are rivals, Akie and his little brother are the best of friends. They love singing while flying kites, one big kite for Akie, and one small kite for Ebuka. Akie and Ebuka don't intend to disobey their parents, but as they follow the trails of an airplane flying low over their house, they do the unthinkable. Ebuka employs lies and tricks to keep their mother in the dark, to buy time, and to help his brother. Will their parents forgive them?
Cover ArtGrowing an Artist by John Parra (Illustrator)
Call Number: E PAR
ISBN: 9781534469273
Publication Date: 2022
Today is a big day--the first time Juanito gets to help his papi on the job as a landscape architect! Throughout the day, Juanito sketches anything that catches his eye: a nest full of baby birds, a nursery with row upon row of plants and flowers, and more. Father and son travel from house to house, pruning, weeding, mowing, and turning overgrown and chaotic yards into beautiful spaces. A few of the clients don't appreciate Papi's hard work, like Juanito's classmate who pretends not to see him. But Papi always feels pride in owning his own business and in a job well done. And at the end of the day, Juanito may get the chance to turn his artistic eye toward landscape design--just like his papi.
Cover ArtOlu and Greta by Diana Ejaita (Illustrator)
Call Number: E EJA
ISBN: 9780593384909
Publication Date: 2022
The geographical and cultural distance between two cousins is counteracted by the universalities of childhood and the dream of uniting. Olu lives in Lagos, Nigeria; his cousin, Greta, lives in Milan, Italy. Though their lives may be different, their ways of living and playing are quite similar. They both roller skate; they both skip down the street; they both play with toy trains, trucks, and boats... and they both dream of meeting and being together. Debut author-illustrator Diana Ejaita references her own childhood and heritage to create a rich, poignant, and authentic portrayal of Nigeria, of Italy, and of the unity of childhood.

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